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Heating Maintenance Service

R&C Heating and Cooling Service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide a complete set of HVAC maintenance services. Our technicians specialize in heating and cooling system maintenance and tune-ups, including heat pump maintenance.


Heat Pump/Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Customers depend on us for their HVAC maintenance because of:

  • Professional service

  • Extended equipment life

  • Prevention of high repair costs

  • Savings on energy costs

  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective resulting in customer savings

  • Improved comfort

  • Improved safety


By regularly maintaining your furnace, we can help ensure it is more cost-effective to run. A well-maintained system is more reliable and uses less energy to heat your home or business. We can also address safety issues such as leaks, corrosion, or sediment build-up before any serious issues or breakdowns occur. If necessary, we can troubleshoot your gas furnace for problems or check your panels and fuses if any issues are coming from there. Power fluctuations can affect appliances, cause them to run inefficiently, and even shorten their life.


Call us any time (we’re available 24/7) for an expert to check your gas furnace for potential leaks or if a faulty control system is to blame. From checking your thermostat to servicing the compressible refrigerant used in your furnace heat pump, our technicians know every aspect of your heating system to ensure it’s running normally. We’ll check for any issues in your distribution system as well.


With proper maintenance and tune-ups, R&C Heating Cooling Service can ensure your heating system provides year-round climate control and operates at peak efficiency without any hidden problems.

Maintenance Specials

Properly tuning a gas furnace or heat pump requires expertise. Such high-quality service doesn’t come cheap, but R&C Heating and Cooling Service offers a special with one of the lowest-cost maintenance plans in the industry. The best time to service your heating system is before winter starts, so take advantage of our specials now!


Our specials include one heating tune-up to ensure optimal heater performance and efficiency as well as extend longevity. From priority installation to a dedicated phone line with concierge service, our plan offers conveniences that customers wouldn’t otherwise have, including discounts on repairs and a guaranteed service window. Is your heater not turning on or are you not experiencing any trouble at all? Either way, it may be time for a tune-up. Our heating experts can diagnose problems early and optimize your system to run as efficiently as possible, save on repairs, and avoid having to replace equipment early.


Schedule maintenance or a tune-up today by reaching out to R&C Heating and Cooling Service online or calling us at (424) 362-4703 / (310) 795-8474.

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