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Heat Pump Replacement  

Heat pumps are the invisible, but important, mechanical pieces of equipment responsible for keeping you warm and cozy or cool and comfortable depending on the season. Just like any other machine, from your car to your refrigerator, heat pumps can malfunction, break, or age and become obsolete.

Sometimes the issues can be fixed on the spot, but over the years there will come a point when it’s time for a complete replacement. R&C Heating and Cooling Service can walk you through the process of deciding when it’s best to replace it, choosing a newer, more efficient model, and even finding a financing plan to make it more affordable, if need be.

Signs Your Heat Pump May Need to Be Replaced

If your heat pump just isn’t adjusting the temperature as well as it used to, it may be getting too old to remain highly functional. Check with the manufacturer owner’s information or warranty to see if the Heat Pump has aged beyond the unit’s anticipated lifespan. If your heat pump is more than 15 years old, it might be time for a replacement instead of just a repair.

Other common signs you need to call a professional for a repair or replacement include:

  • Inconsistent heating strength.

  • An inefficient system, increasing utility bills, and/or rising energy consumption.

  • Strange or loud noises.

  • Consistent breakdowns and repairs.

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