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Heat Pump Maintenance  

The difference between the energy consumption of a properly maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one typically ranges from 10% to 25%. As utility prices rise in Southern California, this can have a huge impact on your bills each month.

Fortunately, the difference between maintaining and ignoring your heat pump is a simple one—the R&C Heating and Cooling Service team is just a call away from performing all the safety and efficiency inspections and repairs you need to enjoy the most from your heat pump year after year. Call today for a free quote or more information about our membership maintenance plans with a low monthly fee.

Routine Maintenance of Heat Pump 

As a homeowner, you can take preventative steps yourself to get the most efficiency and savings from your system. First, change the filters every three months and get familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions for additional care and maintenance.

In between professional inspections, you can also make sure that the vents in your home remain clean, dust-free, and unobstructed. Ensure the heat pump unit (or any other external unit) remains clean and regularly removes dirt or vegetation. Keep pets and children away from all mechanical parts.

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